Carpet for All Styles and Budgets

Why Carpet?

Carpet is more impressive than ever before. New manufacturing technologies mean it’s more durable and longer lasting, making it an excellent addition to your home or business. It doesn’t just last longer than it did generations ago, either: New patterns, colors, and styles have been added over the last several years, making it easier than ever to express yourself through carpet. Whether you want something from classic or fun, to quirky and vibrant, Carpet 2 You 4 Less has it all. We are the Denver carpet experts, and we are ready to help you.

We offer the top carpet brands, including Mohawk, Royalty, Camelot, Shaw, and Stanton. From affordable and beautiful to luxurious and elegant, we are confident we have the perfect carpet for your home or office.

It’s no wonder we are the Denver carpet company of choice for so many home and business owners.

Save On Your Energy Bill

Many people don’t think about this, but carpet can help you save on your energy bill. We don’t just put down carpet: we put down insulation, too. This insulation does more than provide a comfortable cushion when you walk across the room: it masks noise and can even decrease your energy bill. That insulation prevents air from entering or escaping your home, so you should notice a difference when your energy bill comes in.

Our Mobile Showroom

While some carpet retailers make you come into their showroom to see samples, we bring our mobile showroom to you! . 

We urge our customers to go beyond looks when selecting from our numerous carpet samples. Our technicians will explain how each sample handles high-traffic areas, pets, kids, and more. This will help you make a decision that you will be pleased with for years to come.

The Safe Option

It doesn’t matter how old you are: Slips and falls are a serious concern, and carpet can help. Carpet provides much-needed traction when walking (or running) around the home. If you’re concerned about slips and falls, call us today to see what carpet option is best for you. 

You know that carpet is the right choice for your family. Now, it’s time to take the next step and call Carpet 2 You 4 Less. Our experienced team is ready to help you choose the right carpet for your home or business. Contact us today and  request a free in-home/office estimate. 



Carpet Fibers – What to Expect

As you look through the different carpet samples, you will notice there are lots of fiber options available. Understanding the fibers is the first step in understanding what you need.

You can choose from:

- 01

Durable and comes in a variety of colors

- 02

Extremely popular and comes in a variety of colors and patterns

- 03

Inexpensive but difficult to dye, so it commonly comes in white

- 04

Mid to low priced; this carpet is stain resistant, but it mats down easily

- 05

This is a kind of polyester, but it springs back to life when people walk across it, so you don’t have to worry about it matting down

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